How To Order


This page is used to provide assistance to any individuals confused about our ordering process!

At world wide cannabis store, we have some of the best contacts in the industry, and due to the high demand and volume, it is not viable for us to keep an up to date shop menu. Due to this, our ordering process is a little different then you may be used to.

Our always-up-to-date menu can always be found at It is recommended you check that menu out before placing your order, and using the custom order buttons to fill in your order and price based off of the menu prices. You must clearly specify the amount and strain for each item. For example, if you were interested in a 30$ Bubba Kush shatter, you would simply fill it out as 1g bubba kush shatter. If you have multiple items, don’t worry about not being able to fit your text in the box. There is plenty of room!

After placing your order, send your requested strains or any other inquiries to Most emails are replied to between 7AM-12AM

As always, #teamwwcs is committed to bringing you the highest quality at the best prices Canada wide.